You don’t have to go all the way to France if you are in need of a healthy dose of joie de vivre. In the heart of Maastricht you’ll find Le Fernand: a perfect combination of French bistro, café du vins and restaurant. Stop by for a delicious lunch, a friendly drink or an extensive dinner.

Qu’est-ce que
Le Fernand ?

Le Fernand is more French than France. Not our own words (okay, sometimes they are), but that’s what we hear from our guests. We míght have taken it a bit too far. From the broth and wine, to the oysters and syrups; if the label isn’t French, we don’t want it. Our patron, Fernand, was taken by French cuisine from an early age. The elegant and subtle dishes, the shareable portions, the base of butter, foie gras and garlic…. Qu’est-ce qui ne plaît pas?

Comment se
présente le menu ?

Our menu is pretty much fixed, but occasionally we change things ups by adding new variations, recurring favourites or old classics. Think cuisses de grenouilles, escargots, foie gras and paté maison. Our wine list is as it should be: extensive, diverse and very French. Join us on a  French wine journey and discover every region the country has to offer. Our sommeliers will be happy to help you make the best choice – even for wines so special that they are not on the menu.

Le Menu

  • Fines de Claires 20 | 39

    Lemon, shallot vinegar & black pepper - 6 ou 12 huîtres

  • Dégustation d'Huîtres 25 | 49

    A tasting of oysters from 3 different regions - 6 ou 12 huîtres

  • Huître du Jour prix du jour prix du jour

    Varied oyster chosen by the fishmonger

  • Caviar Impérial Gold 10 gr 25

    Perfectly complements fruits de mer

  • Crevettes 12.5

    Peel shrimps with lemon mayonnaise

  • Crabe des Neiges 23

    Fresh sea crab claws with lemon mayonnaise

  • Les Langoustines 19.5

    Sea snails and razor clams with vinaigrette

  • Sélection de Fruits de Mer 38

    Selection of seafood (including oysters!)
    + Crabe des Neiges + 11.5

  • Apéritif 17.5

    All kind of combined delicacies from the plateaux below

  • Charcuterie 17.5

    Selection of fine French charcuterie

  • Jambon de Bayonne 17.5

    Air-cured ham from French harbour town Bayonne

  • Fromage Apéritif 14.5

    Cheese with bread-onion crumble & fig bread

  • Saumon Fumé à Chaud 16.5

    Hot smoked salmon with lemon mayonnaise

  • Olives Provencal 6

    Authentic olives from Provence

  • Trempette aux Herbes 9.5

    Crusty flatbread from the Alsace with Normandy crème fraîche

  • Petite Bisque 7

    Small cup of flavourful shrimp bisque

  • Paté Maison 12.5

    Homemade pâté or terrine with grape mustard

  • Camembert au Four 11.5

    Camembert from the oven with a crispsy layer & toast

  • Rillettes de Canard 11.5

    Homemade duck rillette in a jar

  • Croquettes Maison prix du jour

    Homemade croquettes, different every time

  • Le filet de Maquereau 15.5

    Homemade duck liver terrine with pickled grapes, verjus vinaigrette & nut crumble

  • Foie Gras 17.5

    Homemade duck liver terrine with pickled grapes, verjus vinaigrette & nut crumble

  • Aubergine au Four 12.5

    Baked eggplant with fresh goat cheese, watercress vinaigrette, radishes & pumpkin seeds

  • Cuisses de Grenouilles 13.5 | 24

    3 or 6 Frog legs with garlic, anchovy & caper butter

  • Escargots à la Bourguignonne 12.5 | 23.5

    6 or 12 vineyard snails in escargot herb butter

  • Coquilles St. Jacques & Lard 16

    Seared scallops with glazed pork belly, bisque-vinaigrette, radish & baked potato crisps

  • Steak de Thon Grillé 22.5

    Grilled yellow fin tuna steak (medium rare) with sauce verte

  • Filet de Boeuf Saignant 22.5

    Grilled beef tenderloin with pickled mustard seeds, crispy smashed potatoes, bacon & veal jus

  • Steak Tartare Préparé 21.5

    Raw beef tenderloin with pickled shallot, black garlic & egg yolk

  • Confit de Canard 22.5

    Confit duck leg with braised pointed cabbage & coarse mustard gravy

  • 'Filet' de Poireaux 15.5

    Two ways soft-cooked leek with pickled walnut & vegetable velouté

  • Grondin Rouge 22.5

    Red mullet with spinach, lemon beurre blanc & trout caviar

  • Frites aux Herbes de Provence 5

    French fries with Provencal herbs & homemade bearnaise-mayonnaise

  • Salade Le Fernand 5.5

    Fresh green leaf salad with classic French vinaigrette

  • Haricots Verts 'Beurre Quartier Latin' 6.5

    In Parisian butter

  • Ratatouille 7.5

    Traditional French vegetable stew

  • Caviar Impérial Gold 10 gr 25

    Can of exceptionally fine caviar

  • Petite Tarte Citron 9.5

    Fresh tart with lemon curd & meringue

  • Macarons 6 pièces 8.5

    Fresh tart with lemon curd & meringue

  • Éclair au Chocolat 8.5

    Pastry cream in profiterole with layer of chocolate

  • Crème Brûlée 7.5

    The French classic among desserts

  • Le Sorbet 7.5

    Varied refreshing sorbet with garnishes

  • Plateau de Fromages 16.5

    3 French digestive cheeses with confiture & fig toast

  • Pineau de Charentes 7
  • Sauternes 7.5
  • Domaine de Maubet, L'Oublié de Maubet 7.5
  • Pommeau de Normandie 7
  • Lillet Rouge ou Blanc 7
  • Ratafia de Champagne 7.5

Qui est
Le Fernand ?

Le Fernand was founded in 2016 by Fernand. A born and raised Maastricht native, with a Burgundian spirit. Fernand has been visiting France since he was young. After gaining the necessary training and experience in the restaurant business, he decided to start his own, back in 2016. The name was a no brainer, and so was the cuisine. Depuis, nearly eight years later, Le Fernand consists of a team of more than 50 Francophiles who are the cream of the crop. Chef passionné inclus.

Puis-je faire une réservation ?

We want to make sure everyone feels welcome. In doing so, we want to give free rein to our culinary creativity. That’s why we don’t take reservations. So just walk in: we welcome you with French hospitalité and make sure you can get to your table quickly. Wait a while with an aperitif at the bar or on the terrace… La vie est belle.

Stenenbrug 6
6211 HP Maastricht

Kitchen open daily
12:00 – 23:00
043 852 8952